Shipping Details:

I can ship my cookies anywhere in the United States. Please read this page before placing an order for shipped cookies. 

I ship cookies using USPS priority shipping. This service guarantees delivery in a 1 – 2 day window. I cannot guarantee your cookies will arrive on an exact day (this service with USPS starts at $46 for the size of box I ship with). Cookies arrive within 2-3 days after they are shipped. 


Shipped cookies start at $48 per dozen due to the extra time and extra supplies used. The cost of shipping depends on the size of your order. Shipping rates as follows: 

  • 1-2 dozen = $15.05
  • 3-4 dozen = $21.10

I don’t ship orders over 4 dozen. 


I heat seal each cookie, which keeps it fresh for 2-3 weeks. I then individually wrap each cookie in bubble wrap, put them in the shipping box, and fill the rest of the box with bubble wrap so the cookies don’t have room to move. 

I have not had any problems shipping my cookies, but I cannot guarantee that they will arrive in one piece. 

Shipping cookies is a great idea for a gift to send to friends and family. If you have any additional questions on shipping, please email me.